DIY Giant Metallic Letter Art

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm back! I made it to a second post! That has to be a good sign...

For as long as I can remember, I have been looking for an "A" to bring home with me. You can even ask my bff Shannon - during every Target trip, I always look at the decorative letters. Unfortunately, they are always either too large, too small, a boring color, or WAY too expensive for the quality.

So it would only make sense that I give up years of searching and finally make my own. What's funny is I actually found this idea on Crafted Love over a year ago and bookmarked it. I still always figured I would find the perfect giant letter in stores, but I was so wrong! I should have trusted the Internet bloggers from the beginning.

Metallic letter art

The overall process was pretty simple. I picked up the large cardboard letter at (again) Hobby Lobby, along with some brushes, sponges, and paint for future use. After covering the letter in blank paint, I sponged on two coats of silver metallic paint, and voilĂ . Shiny letter decoration.

Metallic letter art decor

Now it's sitting pretty on the shelf above my desk. Giant metallic letter for under $10, with plenty of craft supplies to spare for later projects. I have to figure out what else I can cover in metallic paint.... that shouldn't be too hard!

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