DIY Gold Chevron Storage Box

Friday, June 13, 2014

gold chevron storage box

I'm starting to think I might be too obsessed with gold objects. Now that I've discovered you can practically spray paint anything your heart desires, well, I might have to start finding more room for gold accessories. I have a feeling I'll have to bring some items out of the apartment and into my office at work.

Oh well, you can't ever have too much gold, right? Right. That's what we'll go with.

paper source storage boxthank you card collection

I might also be a teeny bit obsessed with stationary from Target's dollar bin. They have the cutest colored and patterned thank you cards for only $1! My collection has grown in the past couple years and I had no where to store them away. And then I found Paper Source, a stationary addict's dream come true. They have absolutely everything! I told myself I would paint this box when I bought it over two years ago, but I could never decide on a color. I realized later a pattern would make it pop more and here we are! Gold chevron!

preparing to spray paint chevrongold spray painted chevron box

Some painters tape, a pair of scissors, my trusty reliable gold spray paint, and a nice enough day to dry a thick layer of said spray paint, and I was in business. Luckily Chris already has a box dedicated to spray painting on our deck, so I already had an area prepared to handle the damage. I let the paint dry for about 40 minutes before peeling any tape off.

gold chevron box

And there you go! I wish I had covered up the bottom section and not made a fifth chevron stripe, but oh well. The box has since moved to my desk in the office. Speaking of the office, that is defeinitely in need of an organizational overhaul. Nothing matches and everything is so.. I don't know. I'll have to work on a couple things and keep you all posted. I guess that will be a post for the future!

gold chevron boxgold chevron box

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