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Monday, July 21, 2014

Last year when I first heard of Printstagram, I think I fell a little in love. A company who can print my Instagram photos? That's exactly what I need! More prints that I have no place to put!

But the entire game changed when I looked through their catalog of products and found these framed prints. Oh my goodness, aren't they beautiful? I knew I had to have them but there was, and is, one problem: the price. $60 PER FRAME? There is no way I could ever convince myself to spend that much money on photos or frames. That's when I started looking for an alternative.

After some searching, I discovered these beauties being sold on Ebay. I could make these custom frames myself! Ordering four of these frames from Ebay would cost nearly the same as one professionally customized frame. All I had to do was order some prints from the Social Print Studio and I'd be good to go.

social print studio package social print studio package

Ta da! My fun little package from the great folks at the Social Print Studio. Isn't it cute? I believe I ordered 24 prints for $12, though I can't remember if there was a shipping charge. I do remember it shipped VERY quickly. Regardless, it is a great deal.

Here they are in all their printed glory! I think they turned out pretty well for originally being Instagram photos. I would definitely order from Prinstagram again if I ever wanted or needed some quick prints. Did I mention I did all the uploading and ordering through the app? It was pretty much the simplest first order ever. Very impressive.

making frames with prints from social print studio making frames with prints from social print studio

With my frames and prints delivered, so began the customizing process. Check out my finished product for $80 dollars! If I had ordered everything through Printstagram/Social Print Studio, it would have cost over $250!

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