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Saturday, January 10, 2015

how to get freebies

For the past 6 months, I've been hooked on finding online freebies and samples. Contests, giveaways, product reviews, surveys -- I've tried them all. If you're looking to score free stuff, here are some websites and tips to try!

Where to find freebies
Pinch Me, Influenster, and Crowdtap have been the most successful sample sites for me. In my experience, they offer the best products, varying by the amount of work you put in. There's also Smiley360, Bzz Agent, and Swaggable, though none of their products have swept me off my feet. You can also visit Target's Sample Spot to see if they have anything up for grabs!

Pinch Me is the most simple site - each month a giveaway is held. Make sure you fill out your entire profile so they can assign free samples based on your interests! You can sign up here.

Influenster requires a bit more work. The more active you are on their website (as well as social media) the higher your score grows. The higher your score means the more campaigns you are chosen for! They might require a fair amount of work, but the prize is ALWAYS worth it. Join here!

Crowdtap is a mixture of Pinch Me and Influenster. You can join specific campaigns and complete goals for chances to win gift cards, or, you can wait to be invited to a campaign giveaway. Check out their website for more info.

Products I've received so far
Okay, now on to the good stuff! Let's see some of my favorite freebies so far!

Pinch Me
pinch me freebies
My first grab from Pinch Me was a free nail polish. Sinful Colors has some great options!

pinch me freebies
Free Olay sample of their new body wash! This isn't in stores yet and is fantastic!


influenster surfs up vox box
The first VoxBox I received from Influenster. This was perfect for summertime!

influenster victoria's secret sport vox box
The best product I've received yet - a box full of Victoria's Secret workout clothes!

crowdtap freebies
Free Skintimate shave gel! Who wouldn't want to try this new scent?

crowdtap freebies
Free chocolate, right in time for the holidays. Crowdtap really moved up in my book with this one. These clusters are delicious!


shark tank tuesdays giveaway box
This is my other favorite item I've received so far. I heard CNBC held random giveaways on Twitter during Shark Tank Tuesdays. I tuned in for a couple weeks and one week I caught it just in time! How great is this?!

how to get freebies
Free feminine items = free money. You cannot have too many, so why not order some free samples?

how to get kotex freebies
The same goes for Kotex. If they're offering a free sample package, why wouldn't you take advantage? (note: I think Poise and Kotex might still be giving away freebies - better jump on that!)

What are some favorite products you've received? Show me!

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